Happy Father’s Day!

“Dad: a son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love” – Anon

We are thrilled to present a sneak peek on a special Father’s Day event project we worked on for THE ROCKS Church in Perth, Western Australia!

We had the idea of creating a food spread of ‘Dude Food’ (thanks to our excessive viewing of Masterchef Australia) dedicated to all things ‘dudes’. We used red gingham and jute fabrics as tablecloths, and created a special bunting for the decor as well! And what could scream ‘dude’ more than a glorious moustache (a.k.a “mo”) used in all of our printables? And the icing of the cake was the Sumo Wrestling match we conducted on the day – it was such a fun filled experience!

To add to the rustic/texan outback charm, we also did our first ever typography on a chalk board! We were very very very excited to try it out – it was actually harder than we thought! But we think we did rather well for our first attempt – promised to practice more!

This event project is a collaboration with Hulda Budilestari from Ezy Furnishing, who provided the materials and display items, and Larry Asalim of Axelle Photography, who took beautiful photos of the event. Professional photographs will be displayed shortly – so keep an eye on this page! The pictures in this post were taken on an iPhone 4s

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and father-to-be’s from all of us at Articulate Events!


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This entry was posted on September 4, 2012 by in Design, Event Styling.


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